Friday, January 21, 2022

Preparing for Transitions

 Preparing for Transitions

123 my turn: Saying 123 my turn has goals to help later.

1st goal:  Transition from one activity to the next. 

2nd goal: Help prepare him to apply himself even more when it is time to do his work and to understand there will be a break coming. 

3rd goal: Help him prepare his mind for the transition that is about to happen; hopefully it will eventually become automatic. 

Arriving to these goals might seem slow at first. You will need to teach this at table first and once he masters it at table work on this throughout the day. This should help him generalize this skill.

How to teach the first goal: Let him play with a highly preferred item and after a few minutes say “1,2,3 my tun” say this slowly to give his mind time to process. Gently take the item and exchange for high praise and/or maybe other preferred item.  

Always use reinforcer and be mindful of your timing of the reinforcer. 

Refer to reinforcers. 

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