Monday, April 20, 2020

Crisis Schooling. How Do I Do This From Home?

I wish I had thought to post this earlier. I will try to break some ideas down and use practical ways to thrive, not just survive until we get back to school.

     1. Find a place in your house that is set aside just to do school work
        - It can be just a deck or corner in the room, as long as you use the same place every time.

     2. Post a mini schedule.
        - You're at home. It's just not the same setting as at school. You cannot expect the same as school.

       * What is a mini schedule?
       - It's a visual schedule that is scheduled for a short time of the day.
         There are many different levels. Decide which one is appropriate for your child.
       - picture schedule
       - writing word schedule
       - see link
       *How is it used?
        - Post it in a place that your child is doing his/her work.
        - Picture Schedule - use Velcro/tape/magnets: anything they can take off and you put back on.
        - Writing Word Schedule - mark through when work completed.
        - When work is complete, the child, not you,(if needed do hand over hand), takes down or marks through the word.

          When the work time is done, you will come back and put pictures/word back on the schedule.  This needs to be done before next time you guys come back to area.

      * How often to do work using this schedule a day?
        - That will depend on the time you have and what your child can do in a day.
     3. How do I get my child to come to his work place?

        -Set a timer.  This needs to be a visual timer for younger kids or kids that have trouble           transitioning. There are lots of options for timers and  many with free downloads. If appropriate for your child, you can also use a kitchen timer.  This will only work for those who are very high functioning. I would not suggest using a clock.  It needs to be a timer because they can see time go away, even if they know how to tell time.

free timer download

     4. He/she is at the work space, but how do I get them to actually do the work and not be so detracted?
      - Always use reinforces. I can not tell you enough, always use reinforces.

      - Always give them a beginning and a end. Something that tells them how much they need do before the reinforcer comes or when they will be done with work. The technique you use depends on your child.
      -Sometimes they need visuals to let them know how much they need to do and to keep them focused.  This can be done in many ways. For example, draw a circle on paper and fill with smiley for each question/trial/problem they do. When all circles are filled,  the reward comes or just a break. ( If it's just a break and you plan to bring them back to work, don't forget your timer.)
Using "Smiley''s" are just one example.  There are many ways to do this.
You can also use this to keep the focused or add to when they get a question wrong. (only do this if you have been using this technique for a while and they understand it)
REMEMBER: If you address a negative behaviors ALWAYS address MORE postive behaviors!

Use First and Then board

      - Have some reinforces that he/she really enjoys and only use them for work time. For older kids and ones that like technology, this  can be off limits to them until work is done. Use that as your reinforcer.

If your child goes to school at Sheltering Tree Ranch,  your teacher is not sending home the same amount of work as they would have at school. We know they can't be expected to do the same amount of work from home.  Your teacher is sending review work,  not something you are asked to teach. This is in hopes to keep them on target when we do come back to school.

If you need help making any of these materials please let us know.  At Sheltering Tree Ranch we would be happy to help you and your child even if the do not attend our school or has not been involved in any part of our ministries. It will be free of cost.
You can email us what you need or any questions you may have.  We will email you back with materials and answer questions best we can.

God bless you,
Bobbie Boroughs

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