Monday, November 26, 2018

Guidelines To Teach And Parent With

Guidelines to teach and parent with:

  - Do not correct them all the time. There are times when they just need to learn from their own mistakes.

  - Do not help them all the time. Let them try to figure it out for themselves. This will improve thinking skills.

  - Make a habit of using more positive words a day.

  - There is never a good reason to raise your voice. If you feel the need to do so you may have said to much without action. By action, I mean prompts or redirecting.

 - Avoid using don't and stop when you can redirect without saying a word.

 - Do not say their name more than 2 times. If you have to do so, that tells you that you need to use, yes here it comes again, prompting or redirecting. (There again try not to use too many words.)

 - Always give them an ending point and a reinforcer when teaching.

Be blessed!!

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